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Help support MUST’s most important campaign ever

21 04 2015

This week we have be contacting Utd supporters from Manchester and around the world to launch our most important campaign ever - Vote Football.
Some of you may not be able to vote in the UK Election but if we're successful Manchester United Football Club, our supporters and football generally will benefit and you can help us ....
We’ve already committed to investing over £10,000 into building the system to allow MUST members, and also fans of all other clubs, to contact their Parliamentary Candidates to demand their commitment to legislate to change football for good. Details will follow.
With the UK General Election rapidly approaching we have the best opportunity we've ever had. Parties and candidates are listening and we all need to make our voice heard. We will be launching our Vote Football campaign - make sure you play your part. If you've not received an email invitation please register here:
If successful this campaign will protect Manchester United, and all our clubs, from the sort of owners who want to exploit the club and the fans for their own greed. After years of intense lobbying by MUST and others, the main political parties are already moving in this direction but we need to push them to commit now before the election.

Ahead of that launch if you can help us with fundraising to cover the initial £10k development costs and the ongoing campaign please sends us a donation via this link:

Alternatively you may prefer to help by taking advantage of one of our fundraising offers below:
[1] Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - 1999 Champions League Final personalised signed shirt 
- ENDS: Wed 22nd April 11.55am
[2] The 1999 Ultimate Treble Collection- signed by Cole, Sheringham and Solskjaer 
- ENDS: Sun 26th April 11pm

Once again thank you for your kindness, help and support.  It is very much appreciated by everyone at MUST.


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Faded, pompous woes; report on Manchester United v Aston Villa 4 April 2015

04 04 2015

Match report by United fan Paul James

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MUST meeting with Greater Manchester Police ahead of Manchester Derby

31 03 2015

A supporter engagement meeting was held today ahead of next week’s Manchester derby to discuss policing strategy and any supporter concerns. Committee member Geoff Pearson represented MUST who were invited to attend on behalf of MUFC fans. Also present were Greater Manchester Police’s derby day Silver Commander, their Head of Events and Head of Football Liaison, along with a representative from Manchester City and the MCFC Supporters' Clubs.

The good news for the vast majority of United fans attending the match is that they should see no changes to the normal match-day, despite the more civilised derby kick-off time of 4pm. With the exception of Level 1 Public Order units in blue overalls, police will be in normal uniform.

Alcohol will be served in the stadium as usual with the exception of the East Stand Tier 1 block next to the away fans, who will be restricted to two beers per person and will have all drinks decanted into plastic cups. The same restrictions will apply to the visiting fans.

Fans approaching the Munich tunnel from the forecourt should be aware of the pinch point by the away fan turnstiles and may like to allow a little extra time due to increased searches of visiting fans. MUST requested that any police briefing at which stewards were present expressed the need to take a sensible approach to dealing with persistent standing for such a high-profile match.

Other points to be aware of:

  • At this stage there are no plans for either s.60 CJPOA Stop and Search powers or s.35 ASBCPA Dispersal powers to be in place for this match.
  • GMP will have patrols the evening before the match dedicated to preventing inflammatory graffiti.
  • GMP are looking for feedback after the event from match-going fans so if you have any, please contact MUST and we will pass these on or add them as comments to this post

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The action of the tiger; report on Liverpool v Manchester United 22 March 2015

22 03 2015

Match report by United fan Paul James

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Information for MUFC fans travelling to Liverpool(A) from Merseyside Police

18 03 2015

MUST is regularly involved in consultation with local council Safety Advisory Groups and Police around our away allocations, policing and related issues. Ahead of the Liverpool(A) fixture although our representatives were not able to attend the Police planning meeting in Liverpool on this occasion we appreciated the invitation. However we were able to submit concerns raised by supporters and can continue to do so ahead of this fixture and others if supporters wish to add comments below this post or to contact MUST Office 0161 872 3300.

Please see below media release from Merseyside Police: 

"As the Match Commander for the forthcoming Liverpool V Manchester United fixture this Sunday, I would like to offer a very warm welcome to all Manchester United fans attending the game.  

Whilst everyone recognises the significance of this fixture, I am sure we all share the same view that we want to enjoy the match and above all that it passes off safely.  Recent league games between both clubs have been largely without incident and this is something I hope we can achieve again for this game. 

Earlier this week, I met with representatives from Greater Manchester Police and Liverpool Football Club to discuss any issues or concerns you as fans may have.  The invite was extended to United supporters fan groups but unfortunately they  were not able to attend but Pc Neil McQueen on your behalf did raise some issues with me and I hope those specific points have been communicated back to you.  However, should any Manchester United fans have any questions ahead of the fixture, please do get in touch with Neil through your fan groups and he will raise these points with me and I will do my best to get any key messages or the answers to your questions back to you as soon as possible. 

As Match Commander I am keen that you have as much information as possible about the fixture and with that in mind I would ask you to consider the following points:-

  1. You cannot drink alcohol in the street in Liverpool City Centre and we would request that if drinking around the Stadium that this is limited to inside Licensed Premises.
  2. United fans will be able to drink inside the stadium in line with all normal ground regulations and sporting events legislation. 
  3. Turnstiles will be open one and a half hours before kick-off as per normal.
  4. I would like to remind all supporters that pyrotechnics are dangerous and are not welcome by the majority of fans.   They cause breathing difficulties and we have had occasions when fans have panicked as a consequence of them.  It is an offence to enter a Stadium with such an item and those engaging in this behaviour risk arrest, prosecution and I will endeavour to obtain banning orders against anybody found committing.
  5. I would please ask all fans not to engage in any form of offensive chanting and I will be instructing my staff to take positive action against any fan home or away who engages in this behaviour.  I trust as genuine football fans you will support me in this. 
  6. Potentially there may well be a hold back at the end of the game.  All fans will be kept updated about this and we will make announcements within the Stadium.  We will keep the duration to a minimum as far as we can but please be reassured the hold back is for your safety.  During any hold back the Police will work closely with Stewards and we will do our best to ensure fans can access toilet facilities during this time.  This will need to be done in a controlled manner to regulate the numbers accessing the toilets so please bear with the Police and Stewards but please feel free to speak to any head Stewards if required.
  7. When leaving the Stadium we would encourage fans to turn right on Anfield Road towards the Arkles heading in the direction of your coaches or transport which will be parked in Arkles Lane.  This will be your safest route from the Stadium. 

You will all be aware that the worlds media will focus on this fixture and I hope that supporters from both sides act in a responsible manner and enjoy the game no matter what the result. 

Merseyside Police will endeavour to also make announcements via their Twitter site should any further information come to light on the day of the game.

Jon Ward QPM
Chief Superintendent
Area Commander Liverpool North"

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