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M.U.S.T. response to fixture rearrangements for TV

08 10 2015

In response to press enquiries regarding the fixture rearrangements for TV a spokesman for M.U.S.T. - the Manchester United Supporters' Trust said:

"Unfortunately fixture rearrangements are an inevitable consequence of the TV deal but the tail should not be allowed to wag the dog. The problem is football clubs in England, unlike the top clubs in Germany and Spain, no longer have any regulations which distinguish them from any ordinary company so pursuit of profit for the owners takes precedence over fans and indeed everything else."

"Given the huge increase in TV revenue which directly results in these fixture rearrangements causing inconvenience to fans, the very least Premier League clubs should agree to is to cap the price of away tickets at £20 as proposed by The FSF Twenty's Plenty campaign which is supported by M.U.S.T. along with fan groups throughout the Premier League. Home ticket pricing also needs to be looked at as there are fans at all PL clubs who travel considerable distances for home games too."

"Additionally greater effort should be made to avoid rearranging fixtures for long trips to away games at times when travel is difficult such as Bank Holidays, Sundays and weekday evenings. In the cases where this is unavoidable it would seem reasonable for the PL clubs to fund special trains to minimise inconvenience and expense for their most loyal supporters"


The FSF Twenty's Plenty campaign which is supported by M.U.S.T.

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MUFC were undisputed no.1 in global football financial league prior to Glazer takeover

23 09 2015

This is incomplete but it beautifully illustrates how Manchester United were undisputed no.1 in global football financial league prior to Glazer takeover. We'd held this position of supremacy from the very beginning of the compilation of the Deloitte Football Money League reports - perhaps 8 or 9 years.

Under the Glazers we dropped as low as 4th and only now, after almost a decade of Glazer induced austerity, are we back to 2nd and poised to reclaim our rightful position back at the top.

Not such a stunning record after all when compared with our rivals and considering where we started from and with by far the biggest global fan base ...

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M.U.S.T. working for MUFC supporters - some recent wins

21 09 2015

9 x M.U.S.T. wins for MUFC fans:

MUST supporting Twenty's Plenty campaign at Arsenal(A)

[1] successfully lobbied MUFC to remove 3% away ticket booking fees

[2] worked with MU so that ticket information on website is clearer and offers more transparency about ballots

[3] helped away European ticket credit system to be reformed to a fairer/ longer term loyalty based system

[4] meetings held with club to discuss touting and appeal processes for banned supporters

[5] participated in the FSF's weekend of action for the Twentys Plenty Campaign (pictured above, video below)

 Interview re Twenty's Plenty

[6] information provided to MUFC to raise domestic away allocations - which has already gained our fans more tickets

[7] worked with club on European away logistics, including requesting charter train for fans returning to Amsterdam after PSV(A)

[8] requested working group to be set up for future Euro aways so that M.U.S.T. can raise issues on behalf of fans in advance of club reconnaissance visits to home stadium

[9] currently working to help fans going to Moscow - request made to MUFC for assistance with visas applications in Manchester and also transport to/from stadium


Eric Cantona signing - name dedicated shirts - orders close Thursday 6pm

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MUST win huge 60% discount for United u18 youth tickets at Arsenal(A)

03 09 2015

Last season M.U.S.T. CEO Duncan Drasdo, with the assistance of the Arsenal Supporters Trust, contacted the Arsenal Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) to argue that u18s in the away section at The Emirates should receive the same discount as those in the home section. At that time 16-17 year old MUFC supporters in the away section were being charged the full adult price of £63 (before MUFC £4 subsidy).

Fair play to Arsenal they agreed with our argument and this season we see 16-17 year old MUFC supporters receiving tickets at £22.25 which is a saving of £36.75 on the adult price. M.U.S.T. would like to thank to Arsenal Supporters Trust for their co-operation.

youth prices at Arsenal

Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday 4th October, KO 4.00pm

Applications for this game are now open and can be made online or by calling 0161 868 8000. The ballot will close and take place at 8am on Wednesday 9th September with communications sent later in the day to all supporters who have made an application.

Our allocation for this game is 2,990 and tickets are priced as follows:

• £59 for Adults and 18-20s
• £22.25 for 16-17s and Over 65s
• £19 for Under 16s

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Guest blog: A fiasco, yes. But United’s transfer window was far worse than that

01 09 2015

The first of a new guest blog feature United Season Ticket Holder Chris Rumfitt gives his take on the transfer window activity at MUFC. Note the views expressed are those of the author and not neccessarily M.U.S.T.

Fiasco. That's one word for Manchester United's summer transfer window. Shambles. That's another one.

But what if the real story is worse than that? Whilst at times they've embarrassed themselves in the execution of it, the reality is that the Glazers have executed a planned and dramatic reduction in the club's wage bill.

Van Persie, Falcao, di Maria, Nani, Hernandez, Rafael, Cleverley, Evans. Conservatively, getting rid of these eight alone has probably saved the club £60m a year. And of the new players, only Schweinsteiger will have commanded a salary in any way comparable to some of the star departures. One of the attractions of the likes of Schneiderlin, Depay and Martial over, say, Vidal or Pedro, is that as well as having resale value because of their age, they will also be on a fraction of the wages.


Anthony Martial


With every analysis of successful football performance showing that total wage bill (not total transfer spend) is the best predictor of success on the field, this transfer window has been a disaster for those of us who hoped and believed that last year's improvement would be a springboard for a title challenge this time round. It's almost as if the Glazers saw 4th place as enough, and last summer's spending as an anomaly. Now they want to go back to taking money out the club, not putting it in.

So, yes, the execution of the last few days has been a shambles. And it's easy to ask questions of both Van Gaal and Woodward. But the real scandal is another summer of under-investment in the team. And if you want to point the finger of blame for that, you want to point it towards Florida.

And none of this even mentions David de Gea. A case study in mismanagement that deserves a blog all of its own...

Agree or disagree with Chris? Add your views in the comments box below.

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