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M.U.S.T meeting with MUFC

13 10 2016

M.U.S.T attended a meeting with the Group Managing Director and senior Manchester United staff on Wednesday afternoon to discuss various issues affecting match going fans, particularly focusing on ticketing.

The Club shared its objectives on away ticketing policy and M.U.S.T responded with its own views and concerns, having requested comments from supporters over recent days. We now plan a much more comprehensive consultation of supporters.

The Club confirmed objectives are to increase away allocations and to get more tickets into the hands of qualifying Season Ticket holders by addressing touting and employing various other measures.

M.U.S.T suggested that an additional stated objective should be to recognise the highly valued away support for the team and the unique culture and community that has built up over decades to generate what is widely acknowledged as the best away support in league and to ensure this is considered in any future policy decisions. The Club agreed this would be beneficial, and is extremely proud of the atmosphere generated by away fans and reiterated there was no desire to diminish this.

With regard to sanctions, M.U.S.T told the Club that being banned for non-collection of a ticket is unnecessarily harsh if there is no proof of touting or other illegal behaviour. As such, the Club will immediately propose to Fans Forum members that non-collection of tickets at an away ground should result in that supporter being asked to collect any future away tickets, for the rest of that season, rather than immediately being banned from applying.

While M.U.S.T agreed that raising allocations and supporter success rates in ballots were both important, we also discussed at length the bad feeling that is being caused by supporters being stopped from passing tickets to friends at face value; something that has been a tradition amongst fans for many years and has helped to nurture a community and camaraderie which is a key element in United’s much envied away support.

As such, when aligning the Club’s objectives alongside M.U.S.T’s, the following conclusions were reached:

  • The Club should continue to prevent touting which has helped to raise success rates in the standard pot
  • The reassignment of tickets between friends, who were entitled to apply in the ballot anyway, should not be deemed as an offence if the Club is notified in advance on a limited number of occasions per season

M.U.S.T will be consulting with fans and working with the Club to agree on a system from next season which adopts these principles; essentially leading towards what we hope will be a limited away ticket exchange system. We understand that this will not go far enough for some supporters and may go too far for others, but believe it is a very positive step to offer fans more flexibility than this season, whilst also respecting the Club’s aims to tackle reduced allocations and limit touting.

Supporters have raised many other suggestions which can be fed into these conversations (e.g. groups of friends being allocated seats together and whether European away games should be taken into consideration for domestic away ballots) over coming months.

We agreed to review the Sanctions document and feed back fans’ views to club.

Aside from away ticketing issues, the following were also discussed:

  • Both M.U.S.T and the Club fully support the exploration of the implementation of Rail Seating sections and the Club is carrying out feasibility studies on this
  • Youth ticketing for home games is also a priority and the Club will look at M.U.S.T's proposals to offer more youth season tickets in other areas of the stadium in addition to the Family Stand and SAF Stand Tier 3. 

M.U.S.T welcomes ideas from supporters on all of these issues and we have proposed that we should develop a supporter consultation exercise in co-operation with the Club on key issues which have been identified. Issues we would like this to cover (other suggestions welcome) include:

  • future away ticketing changes - how Club can best reward loyalty without becoming a closed shop for others while maintaining the unique fan community & culture that makes our away support special
  • making more youth season tickets available in different sections of the stadium & more generally encouraging independent young supporters. Also addressing the 16-21 age group where we risk losing young fans in the transition from junior to adult
  • how future changes to the stadium (e.g. expanded disabled section) will affect supporters and could best be handled
  • preservation of the valued community, culture and traditions of our fanbase established over decades of dedicated support
  • a review of supporter sanctions and associated procedures - while the new transparency is welcome some of the penalties, and priorities, have raised concerns amongst fans

Any Season Ticket holders who would like to ensure they are included in the proposed consultation can register here and we will ensure you receive notification 


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M.U.S.T to meet Manchester United to discuss fans’ away ticketing concerns

08 10 2016


Throughout this season M.U.S.T has been talking to MUFC supporters who travel to away games about the collections and other changes which have been introduced. We have spoken to many who are strongly opposed to any attempts to stop fans swapping tickets at face value but also to season ticket holders who have noticed their chances improving in ballots as a result of fewer applications.

We are concerned by individual cases of harsh bans being handed out to match going fans who haven't tried to sell tickets at above face value and are continuing to engage with the Club about the need for balance between their desire for checks and the importance of treating supporters fairly.

Meetings were already being scheduled with the Club on these issues before the recent spate of media articles, and we welcome any constructive thoughts or views from supporters which will be fed back to the club.

If you have any comments please post them in the COMMENTS SECTION below

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MUST end of season report 2015/16

04 08 2016

MUST has today published its end-of-season report covering away ticketing and safety issues for 2015-16.

Throughout the season, our committee member Dale Haslam, along with several other M.U.S.T colleagues, worked with United, other clubs, police and various other authorities to campaign for the highest number of tickets possible for United fans attending away games.

In publishing this report, we hope fans will get an insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes and the approach that clubs and authorities take towards United fans.

This work will continue throughout the upcoming season and we welcome your feedback on the report. You can add comments to this post.

You can download the report here:

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Vocal Section Trialled for Community Shield

30 06 2016

After the FA Cup Final many fans voiced opinions about the poor atmosphere in the United sections and the contrast with the vocal section created by the Crystal Palace fans behind the goal at their end of the ground. In response M.U.S.T representatives were amongst those who supported a fan led initiative to encourage vocal fans to come together and create more of an atmosphere at Wembley for the Community Shield. The request has been accepted by United to trial an area behind the goal. Those wishing to participate in this vocal section will be able to select that option when they make their application. We would like to thank the club for their cooperation and swift response to act upon this request & also consulting the range of fans including members of the Fans Forum and others who have been involved in the discussions.

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More information coming out of Newham Council SAG re MUFC allocations at West Ham

19 05 2016

Via MUST Committee Member Dale Haslam (@redsawaynew)

More documentation came through today relating to the comical dealings at Newham Council and West Ham over MUFC ticket allocations.

Of interest is that Sheila Roberts takes it upon herself to represent West Ham's safety advisory group, despite not being chairwoman.

She's the enforcement manager, but, officially, it gives her no right to comment in an official capacity about SAG matters.

However, Roberts wrote to the Met Police expressing "concern given the previous behaviour of MUFC supporters at recent games."

Another SAG document alleges our fans arrived late at Sunderland and verbally abused stewards. Sunderland head of safety has no knowledge.

The SAG never adequately explained what this 'previous behaviour' was. And Roberts's efforts to dock us tickets got even more desperate.

She claimed fans were more likely to misbehave at the FA Cup match as the threat of a banning order was empty due to Upton Park closing.

It's concerning that a council worker who insists on sticking her nose into football matters has such a poor knowledge of banning orders.

Not only did we still have to play them in the league, banning orders can apply at multiple grounds and for years. What utter nonsense.

Much more to come on this one. Will hopefully result in a major overhaul of Newham Council's lousy practices related to allocation setting.

Just a reminder of the background. Before the FA Cup game, the SAG met and everyone agreed 5.5k was fair, yet it mysteriously fell to 4,900.

Vague reference was given to bad behaviour at recent games with no evidence. SAG chairman Nick Bracken has been silent on the issue.

The league game allocation - cut by 1k - was set based on reds' behaviour in the cup game - completely inconsistent to normal practice.

League game allocation should have been determined by last season's league game. Police report had no concerns about MUFC fans last year.


Marcus Rashford signed and framed No. 39 shirts

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Marcus Rashford signed shirts

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