| M.U.S.T response to late date change of Everton(H) for TV, again 
M.U.S.T response to late date change of Everton(H) for TV, again


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Yesterday’s announcement by Sky, changing the date of the Man Utd v Everton fixture from its previously confirmed TV slot on Saturday 27th October to their now vacated Sunday afternoon slot, is nothing short of naked commercial opportunism at the expense of match-going fans. The decision shows no regard for the many supporters who have made non-refundable travel arrangements following publication, on 7th August, of the confirmed October fixtures after changes for TV.

It appears to be too late to reverse this unwarranted late change which has affected so many loyal supporters. We therefore call on Sky and the Premier League to commit to full financial compensation for any financial loss or additional costs incurred by supporters of both teams.

We are seeking urgent dialogue with the broadcasters and the Premier League to address this specific issue and to establish new principles and processes to take proactive account of  match-going supporters to prevent any recurrence of this regrettable issue. We are also in conversation with our own club to seek their support in these actions.

MUST is asking all Manchester United fans affected by the late date change to contact them with details of the financial impact using the survey link here: http://bit.ly/SkyJack2

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